6 Reasons You Should Get a Massage for Back Pain


January 30, 2022


Derrick Allen

Have you been struggling with uncomfortable back pain? A massage can help! Read here about the benefits of a massage for back pain.

Do you suffer from persistent back pain?

If so, you should consider getting massage therapy. Most people who seek out the services of a massage therapist report some kind of back pain. The right massage will target your problem areas and give you the relief you crave. 

Yet, massage can get expensive. Many people spend $60 or more on a massage for back pain. So, you might wonder whether it’s worth the money.

Below, we’ll get into the top 6 reasons you should consider getting a massage when you’re in pain. Keep reading to learn more so you can take care of your back!

1. Massages Relieve Muscle Tension

A massage helps you get rid of muscle tension.

Every person accumulates this type of tension at some point in their life. In fact, it’s likely that you have tension in your body right now, even if you don’t notice it.

Muscle tension comes about in several ways. First, it can occur due to strain. This happens when you lift heavy objects or exercise a lot. Muscle tension also appears when you have poor posture or sleep in an improper position. 

Second, muscles tend to bunch up when someone experiences stress. If you spend a lot of time at a stressful job, you might notice shoulder or back pain. People who sit at desks often hunch over, causing their upper back muscles to strain.

When muscles get tense, they often become painful. Massage therapy relieves this pain by pressing into the muscles and getting the blood flowing. This encourages them to relax. 

2. Massages Reduce Stress

Some people get back pain when they’re stressed out. If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and burned out, it might be time to schedule a massage session.

Massages help clients reduce and cope with their stress. Stress gets stored in the body as muscle tightness, so the tension relieve will help you feel calmer and more settled. 

Massage therapists also strive to create a calming atmosphere for their clients. If you’re at a massage place, you will wait for your therapist in a relaxing waiting room. Then, the therapist will take you back to their room. You’ll lay on a massage bed, covered in soft linens. These beds are often heated, which helps your muscles relax.

Your therapist might play calming music or burn incense or candles during the session. Most places also offer aromatherapy. If you opt for this, you’ll smell a variety of scents designed to help you relax.

Once you’re ready, the massage therapist will use strokes tailored to what you need. If the pressure isn’t right, speak up! Your therapist wants to give you the most relaxing experience possible and will adjust.

3. Reduce Depression

Sometimes, back pain is associated with depression. If you suffer from depression, regular massages can serve as part of your treatment.

As such, alleviating that pain with a massage should improve your mood. 

Many people also believe that massages release positive hormones. This helps people feel more connected to another person. The attentiveness of your therapist will help you feel loved and cared for.

In addition, many people develop positive relationships with their massage therapists. Most massage therapists are used to clients talking about their lives when they’re in the session. This helps people feel less alone while getting their back pain taken care of.

4. Handle Anxiety

Back pain also comes about when people have anxiety. When you get anxious, your muscles tense up. This sometimes causes pain in your back and other regions. 

A massage for back pain is also a good way to handle anxiety. The soothing of muscle tension helps you rid your body of the effects of anxiety.

Likewise, the atmosphere established by your massage therapist should soothe your nerves. As such, many people get massages as a reward for accomplishing something anxiety-inducing!

5. Help Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain often stems from issues in your back. So, if you have neck pain, you might want to get massage techniques for back pain. 

Back issues affect the neck when muscles become too tight. Many of your neck muscles actually connect to your back muscles. So, when one area of your back becomes tightened, it might cause the muscles in your neck to bunch up.

To solve the neck pain, you have to get rid of the back tension. A massage therapist has studied the different parts of each muscle. They know how to address each point in the muscle so as to get your neck to relax.

6. Increase Your Range of Motion

When you have a tight back, you might notice your range of motion decreases. This is because the muscles are so tense that they can’t move as well as they used to.

To get this range of motion back, you’ll need to have the tension removed. A massage session focuses on the areas you have trouble moving. By the end of your massage, you should have regained at least some of your movement back. 

If the pain in your back is severe or came about because of an accident, make sure you talk to your doctor before scheduling a massage. A doctor will ensure there are no other underlying causes. They may even prescribe massages for you if you’ve been in an accident. If the accident was another person’s fault, their insurance will then have to pay for the prescribed massages.

Ready to Get a Massage for Back Pain?

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